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Salam Pax on the radio!

     In other news, Fresh Air with Terry Gross is hosting an interview with Salam Pax today. It will be re-broadcast at 7 pm on NPR (88.5 fm for you locals). Thanks to grinninfoole for the head's up.
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Title: WMD Found in Iraq

Tikrit, Iraq

Nine miles outside of Tikrit, hidden in a spider hole, the US Forces found the deadliest Weapon of Mass Destruction. This WMD was responsible for the deaths of over 1.3 million people.

This new movie supporting the U.S. invasion of Iraq makes the case that a weapon of mass destruction was indeed found during the war - Saddam Hussein. This movie personalizes the 1.3 Million Mass Murders committed at the hand Saddam.

Before you cast your vote November 2nd, you must watch the heartbreaking eyewitness accounts, and unreported footage of some the most brutal murders in the history of mankind.

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